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Board Members Wanted
Crystal Lee Foundation

The Crystal Lee Foundation was founded in 2019 to fill a gap in care for people between the ages of 13 and 24 affected with an oncology diagnosis, their families and the community as a whole.

Receiving an oncology diagnosis is never expected and the reality that a person of such a young age is about to have their life drastically altered is hard to comprehend. Life as it once was, will never be the same.

That is where we come in. The Crystal Lee Foundation currently offers a number of service streams.  Young person cancer and family support  and  Bereavement Counselling The Crystal Lee foundation has also founded and operates Crystal Lee Foundation Op Shop.

All of the Crystal Lee Foundation's services are at no cost to the person or family accessing our services.

Role of the Board:

The role of the Crystal Lee Foundation's Board is to oversee the organisation. The board is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the service including:

  • Setting the vision, strategy and direction of the organisation.

  • Governance and Leadership of organisational transformation

  • Leadership succession planning and performance management of the Chief Executive Officer

  • Overall oversight of the performance and delivery of key policy priorities

  • Ensuring the ongoing financial viability of the organisation



How often does the board meet?

Board meetings are held once a month. 

What time does the Crystal Lee Board meet?

The board meetings are typically held at night out of standard working hours.

Do I need to attend board meetings in person?

The majority of the board meetings are held only via teams. There are some meetings that will be held in person.

Will I get paid as a board member?

No. This is a voluntary position.

Why would I become a board member?

Being a voluntary board member is a great way to give back to the community. You will also gain experience in governence and managment, acting in a leadership role in the community.


How much time will I need to commit as a board member?

You will need to be able to spare at least three hours per month to meet the requirements of being a board member. At some points it will require more time as different projects come up.

What skills are valuable for board members?

We are seeking people with skills and experience in the following areas: Finance, Fundraising, Marketing, Strategic Planning or Thinking, Counselling, Psychology, Oncology/Healthcare, Non-Profit Governance and Management, General Management, Event Management.

If you think you have some skills that would be an asset but are not listed, please still register your interest.

Applications Close 20/12/2022

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