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Family Support Service


The Crystal Lee Foundation was founded in 2019  to fill  a gap in caring for people from birth to 24 years of age affected by an oncology diagnosis and to provide support for their families.

Receiving a cancer or end-of-life diagnosis is never expected and the reality that a person of such a young age is about to have their life drastically altered is hard to comprehend.

Life as it once was, will never be the same.

This is where we can assist...

The Crystal Lee Foundation provides:

- Support tailored to the needs of each individual

- Assistance in creating memories and keepsakes

- Emotional support

- Guidance 

- Bereavement support

- Opportunities for raising community awareness

We can’t move mountains or change the outcome, but we can assist.

For further information regarding family support services​ contact...

Julienne Clifford
Executive Officer
Crystal Lee Foundation   
Phone : 0490972076
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